Date: Monday 23rd May

Our own filtered charity water   £1.00
Aperol Spritz   £7.00
Bellini   £7.50

House sourdough, beef dripping & homemade Jersey butter   £1 per person

Chilled pea soup & goat’s curd   £6.00
Heritage tomato Panzanella   £6.75
Special Reserve chicken rillettes, cornichons & crostini   £7.25
Smoked Mackerel pate, shaved asparagus & radish salad   £7.50
Smallbrook Farm crispy pressed lamb, fennel salad & tartare sauce   £7.50

Bocconcini, stuffed aubergine, piperade & wild garlic £14.50
Paddock Farm Tamworth pork bubble n’ squeak, Roscoff onion & pickled chicory   £15.50
Cornish hake, deep fried egg, courgette & capers £15.50
Saltmarsh lamb rump, beets, chickpeas & tenderstem   £17.50
Whole grilled Megrim sole, wild asparagus, new potatoes & peas £17.50
35 day aged White Park skirt, Grelot onion, green peppercorn sauce & double dipped chips   £18.50

35 day aged Hereford D-cut rump, Grelot onion, green peppercorn sauce & double dipped chips for 2 to share £22.50

Cheesy leek bake   £3.50   New potatoes   £3.75    Mixed leaf salad   £3.25

Lemon Posset, blackberries & Earl Grey jelly   £6.50
Rocky Road tart, cherry coulis & Chantilly cream   £6.50
Rice pudding bruleé, strawberries & sorbet   £6.50
Forced Wye Valley rhubarb & apple crumble & brown butter sauce   £6.50
Cheese board, oatcakes, apple & onion chutney £9.50
L’Arpitan, Selles sur Cher, Shropshire Blue, Téoulette


This is Food Worth Getting Fat For!

Rosamund Urwin
London Evening Standard

  • The Pig and Butcher