The Pig and Butcher occupies a handsome pub built in the mid 1800's on what was fields used by farmers to rest and feed their livestock before being sent to Smithfield's Meat Market.

We have brought the pub back to it's roots and receive carcasses straight from the farm and butcher on site.  We specialise in rare breeds such as White Park cattle, Iron Age pigs and Hebridean lamb while our good friend Seb at Chart Farm in Kent supplies our game - if you haven't tried his venison you are missing out!

In summer we grill over charcoal and wood on our specially built Robata grill.  In winter we brine, cure, smoke and braise.

Vegetables come from Kent and are as good and fresh as anything you'll find in this country.

Our fish is supplied by Rupert from the south coast - he is the most passionate man we know when it comes to fish! He calls us in the morning and tells us what the day boats have caught and what he recommends.

We take our inspiration from farmhouse tables across Europe.  Food is served simply and with little fuss!  Share lots of small plates or a single big plate.  We like the idea of bringing conversation back to the dining table and what better way to do it than sharing and stealing food?

Think of food as Granny used to make!